How do I check if a path / file exists in Scala similar to Python ? An example below:

Out[4]: True

Since Java 7 the better way would be

scala> import java.nio.file.{Paths, Files}
import java.nio.file.{Paths, Files}

scala> Files.exists(Paths.get("/tmp"))
res0: Boolean = true
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    Out of curiosity, how is this better? – Walrus the Cat Apr 28 '14 at 23:36
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    @WalrustheCat, NIO.2 API is an intended replacement for deprecated old File API. So, first, you should prefer it because it will help old API to die. Second, NIO.2 is more powerful. For example, with this API you can choose how to treat symbolic links. Or you can check (with the same Files.exists() call) existence of a path in another file system (e.g. in zip archive). – Vladimir Matveev Apr 29 '14 at 5:40

Well, sorry I found the answer to my own question:

scala> new java.io.File("/tmp").exists
res0: Boolean = true

It is an old question, but I still need it needs some update. You should use isFile or isRegularFile instead of exists since exists don´t take in account if is a File or a Directory and can mislead the application in case there is a directory with the same name.

Using java.io

new java.io.File("/tmp/sample.txt").isFile

Using java.nio


works as well.

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