Getting this error in the console when I try upserting to a collection:

"update failed: Access denied. Upserts not allowed in a restricted collection."

Here are the allow rules I've specified:

if (Meteor.isClient) {

customers = Customers

if (Meteor.isServer) {

Meteor.publish('customers', function() {
    return customers.find();


    insert: function (document) {
        return true;
    update: function () {
        return true;
    remove: function () {
        return true;



Here is the upsert part:

Customer.prototype.create = function ( name, address, phone, cell, email, website, contact, shipping ) {

var attr = {
    name : name, 
    address : address, 
    phone : phone,
    cell : cell,
    email : email,
    website : website,
    contact : contact,
    shipping : shipping

Customers.upsert( Customers.maybeFindOne( attr )._id, attr );

    return new Customer( attr );

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This is a choice the development team has made.

The suggested solution is to write a method that wraps upsert. This makes the server request come from server code while the client code only runs for latency compensation. Example:

//shared code
  customersUpsert: function( id, doc ){
     Customers.upsert( id, doc );

//called from client
Meteor.call( 'customersUpsert', Customers.maybeFindOne( attr )._id, attr );
  • Thanks! That did the trick. I was also successful in splitting up the insert and updates and using $set. Jan 17, 2014 at 6:33

This is the work-around I use (using underscore's defaults function):

_upsert: function(selector, document) {
  if (this.collection.findOne(selector) != null) {
    this.collection.update(selector, {
      $set: document
  } else {
      _id: selector
    }, document));

Which assumes that selector is an object ID.

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