I want to disable the mouse highlighting of rows of a celltable. This celltable is not a selectionmodel so I dont want the rows to get highlighted while mouse over event.


We are basically extending the CellTable Resources which contain the CssStyles of the CellTable so that we can custom define our own css styles. for more css classes check this link

public interface IMyResources extends CellTable.Resources {

    interface IMyStyle extends CellTable.Style {

    @Source({ CellTable.Style.DEFAULT_CSS, "MyStyleSheet.css" })
    IMyStyle cellTableStyle();


MyStyleSheet.css CSS :

.hoveredRow {
  background-color: none; //or just remove this but keep the class declaration

JAVA //dont forget add the resource.

CellTable<dataType> myCellTable = new CellTable<dataType>(15, GWT.create(IMYResources.class));

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