I am relatively new to using scp - and I am trying to do some simple stuff over ec2 - something like the following:

scp -i ec2key.pem username@ec2ip:/path/to/file ~/path/to/dest/folder/file

What I would like to have is the log of the above command (i.e the screen output to a text file) - Is there a way to achieve this?



You can redirect both outputs (stdout, stderr) of the command with &> provided you use the verbose (-v) argument. Otherwise, scp will suppress the output as it expects its stdout to be connected to a terminal. But then you get too much information, which you can get rid of with grep:

scp -v -i ec2key.pem username@ec2ip:/path/to/file ~/path/to/dest/folder/file |& grep -v ^debug > file.log

If you want to have the output both to the screen and the file, use tee

scp -v -i ec2key.pem username@ec2ip:/path/to/file ~/path/to/dest/folder/file |& grep -v ^ debug tee file.log
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  • I did try the first method earlier - but for scp, it does it work. You can try it yourself and see - it basically writes out an empty file. – JohnJ Jan 18 '14 at 17:23
  • Thank you very much for this (you saved me a lot of time!) - your first approach works perfectly for me. Voted your answer as the correct one. Just a small follow-up question: what if I wanted to append the $date to the above file.log? How does one handle this? Thanks again. – JohnJ Jan 18 '14 at 22:13
  • { date ; scp -v -i ec2key.pem username@ec2ip:/path/to/file ~/path/to/dest/folder/file ; } |& grep -v ^debug > file.log – damienfrancois Jan 19 '14 at 8:41
scp -v -i ec2key.pem username@ec2ip:/p/t/file ~/p/t/d/f/file >> something.log 2>&1

-v and 2>&1 will append your extended details (i.e. debug info) in the existing something.log file.

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How about (untested, compressing /path/to for readability):

(scp -i ec2key.pem username@ec2ip:/p/t/file ~/p/t/d/f/file ) 2>/p/t/textfile
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  • 1
    This approach does not work for scp for some reason - and hence was my question &>2 and 2> simply does not work for scp's :( Not sure why. – JohnJ Jan 18 '14 at 18:08

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