C:\Users\WaQas>curl -v google.com

I have curl downloaded from here and installed it following this Q&A.

I tested it with Command Prompt as this below

C:\Users\xxx>curl -v google.com

But I get an error message printed in the Command Prompt,

`curl` is not recognized as an internal or external command.

Any idea what else should I do to make it work or what have I missed?

  • It could be the case that you have to add the curl command to your local path in Windows. Maybe C:\path-to-curl-executable -v google.com will work – Mandy Schoep Jan 18 '14 at 18:14

you probably do not have the path set. Set the environment path (add curl executable bin to the path) and then restart the command prompt. it should work



try these solutions

Method 1:\

add "C:\Program Files\cURL\bin" path into system variables Path right-click My Computer and click Properties >advanced > Environment Variables enter image description here

Method 2: (if method 1 not work then)

simple open command prompt with "run as administrator"

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