Is there a Hive query to quickly find table size (i.e. number of rows) without launching a time-consuming MapReduce job? (Which is why I want to avoid COUNT(*).)

I tried DESCRIBE EXTENDED, but that yielded numRows=0 which is obviously not correct.

(Apologies for the newb question. I tried Googling and searching the apache.org documentation without success.)


tblproperties will give the size of the table and can be used to grab just that value if needed.

-- gives all properties
show tblproperties yourTableName

-- show just the raw data size
show tblproperties yourTableName("rawDataSize")
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    Apparently the given command only works when these properties are available to the column, which is not there by default. – Rodrigo Hjort Mar 16 '17 at 20:46
  • @Jared, what is the unit ? byte? – Steven Mar 24 '17 at 2:37
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    Yes the output is bytes. Also, this only works for non-partitioned tables which have had stats run on them. – Jared Apr 12 '17 at 13:25

Here is the quick command

ANALYZE TABLE tablename [PARTITION(partcol1[=val1], partcol2[=val2], ...)] COMPUTE STATISTICS [noscan];

For Example,If table is partitioned


output is

Partition logdata.ops_bc_log{day=20140523} stats: [numFiles=37, numRows=26095186, totalSize=654249957, rawDataSize=58080809507]

Partition logdata.ops_bc_log{day=20140521} stats: [numFiles=30, numRows=21363807, totalSize=564014889, rawDataSize=47556570705]

Partition logdata.ops_bc_log{day=20140524} stats: [numFiles=35, numRows=25210367, totalSize=631424507, rawDataSize=56083164109]

Partition logdata.ops_bc_log{day=20140522} stats: [numFiles=37, numRows=26295075, totalSize=657113440, rawDataSize=58496087068]


Time taken: 5.252 seconds

  • Note, per the documentation the "noscan" parameter will prevent a scan the files to get a correct count of the number of rows. You will get total size though. In your case, it might have worked because you were gathering stats by config. – Daniel Langdon Jun 27 '14 at 19:57
  • @DanielLangdon are the units of rawDataSize bytes, blocks or something else? – dlamblin Sep 16 '16 at 4:16

How about using :

    hdfs dfs -du -s -h /path/to/table/name

solution, though not quick
if the table is partitioned, we can count the number of partitions and count(number of rows) in each partition.
For example:, if partition by date (mm-dd-yyyy)

select partition_date, count(*) from <table_name> where <partion_column_name> >= '05-14-2018' group by <partion_column_name>

Use parquet format to store data of your external/internal table. Then you will get quicker results.


It is a good question. the count() will take much time for finding the result. But unfortunately, count() is the only way to do.

There is an alternative way(can't say alternate but better latency than above case) :

Set the property

set hive.exec.mode.local.auto=true;

and run the same command ( select count(*) from tbl ) which gives better latency than prior.

  • There are indeed other ways. See other answer below. – Daniel Langdon Jun 27 '14 at 19:54

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