What is the best practice for implementing the Post/Redirect/Get pattern in ASP.NET MVC? In particular, what is the best way to do this when you want to redirect back to the initial action/controller?

Here's how I am currently doing this:

  1. Display form to user.
    • In the form, use <%= Html.Hidden("returnUrl") %>
    • In the action, use ViewData["returnUrl"] = Request.Url;
  2. User submits the form via POST
  3. Redirect to the returnUrl model-binding, if not null. Otherwise, redirect to homepage.

This get's the job done, but it feels like this would result in a lot of duplication. I also realized that I could probably redirect to Request.UrlReferrer...

What do you suppose is the cleanest, most ideal method of accomplishing this?


The way you're doing this is fine, but it looks like you might be overthinking it a little bit. Do your POST actions take form posts from more than one form? If not, why bother with a hidden form field? You could get away with a simple RedirectToAction("MyAction")

  • Currently, I do not take form posts from more than one form - so I definitely see your point. In this particular case, I'll probably just use RedirectToAction. If, however, I did have more than one form, would you still suggest I do it via my current method? – Charles Jan 23 '10 at 10:27

Typically, an action that handles a POST knows where it needs to redirect upon successful submission. Therefore, each action that implements RGP can simply invoke RedirectToAction(string).

public ViewResult Edit(string email)
  // save the email
  return RedirectToAction("Edit");

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