I'm making an application in Qt to show bitcoin charts (perhaps to trade in the future as well).

I want it to be presented in the traditional OHLC (Open High Low Close) format.

So far the only ways I found to chart the price data was in Python (and not easy to update in realtime at all). Anyone knows a good chart library for C++/Qt that I can use here?

I see Qt, has Qt charts, but that's a paid library and I want my project to be free.

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    Qwt. One of its examples is a stock chart. – Linville Jan 21 '14 at 13:12

The QCustomPlot library can create OHLC and candlestick charts:

QCustomPlot financial chart

The class you're looking for there is the QCPFinancial plottable. For realtime display, you can change all the data with setData(...) and access or modify existing values with the data() method.


I've used QWT for live charts in biomedical applications and liked it a lot.


It has a trade plot class you could have a look at:


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