Now I'm using Padre IDE. Since I am using that, It uses different perl.exe file to run the code.

But by default perl.exe path is set to C:\Perl\bin\perl.exe. I want to change this path to IDE path. How to change this ?


This path is save in environment variable PATH (Advanced System setting->Advanced->Environment Variables).


The search path is stored in the PATH environment variable. The path to the IDE version is either missing or comes after 'C:\Perl\bin' in the list.

At the command line, you can view the setting with this command:

echo %PATH%

If it's just missing, this command will add the one you want to the front of the list:

setx PATH "Path\To\IDE\Perl;%PATH%" /m

Actually, that should work in any case - nothing should break because of a duplicated entry in the list.

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