I am working in windows application that has a form.this form contains a group box that has some check-boxes. I have set this group box as disable. Now my problem is the fore-color of check-box text.It becomes light gray as shown in picture below.

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How can I change the fore color of check box's text so it do not look like disabled(Light gray).


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Don't disable it, just put AutoCheck property = False

  • But in case I want to disable the whole panel that contains the CheckBox, this will not work. Commented Dec 8, 2021 at 10:37

You have owner-drawn CheckBox already (or is it a component of someone), so solution with painting its text in needed color, disregards Enabled value, is the right one.

Other possibility would be do not disable parent container of CheckBox'es, then there are a lot of possibilities:

  • Do not disable GroupBox (this is made for a reason, users are used to use that);
    • Prevent CheckBox'es from being clicked somehow (though this is not in requirements): by setting AutoCheck to false, by reverting Checked value back in OnCheckedChanged;
  • Do not host controls inside disabled GroupBox (smells hacky ^^):
    • Use floating panel, GroupBox is under and not a parent;
  • Do not use GroupBox
  • Use custom GroupBox

This is the workaround I used on forms with dark BackColor and light ForeColor. The ForeColor on Labels, CheckBoxes and GroupBoxes turn black when they're disabled, so instead of using doing Form1.Enabled=False or Panel1.Enabled=False or GroupBox1.Enabled=False, I use Form1.Controls.SetEnabled(False), Panel1.SetEnabled(False) or GroupBox1.SetEnabled(False). For the extension to work, you'll need to add "Imports Extensions" in the class you wish to make the extension available.

Public Module Extensions
        ''' <summary>Sets Enabled property on most controls, set AutoCheck property on CheckBox controls, and ignores GroupBox and Label controls if Enabled parameter equals False.</summary>
        ''' <remarks>Purpose: Disabled GroupBox, Label, and CheckBox controls have Black ForeColor when disabled, making it difficult or impossible to read if background is dark color.</remarks>
        ''' <example>Instead of Panel1.Enabled=False, use Panel1.Controls.SetEnabled(Enabled:=False)</example>
        Public Sub SetEnabled(ByRef Controls As System.Windows.Forms.Control.ControlCollection, ByVal Enabled As Boolean, Optional ByVal Recursive As Boolean = True)
            For Each c As Control In Controls
                If Enabled = False Then
                    ' Do not disable some controls such as group boxes
                    Select Case c.GetType
                        Case GetType(GroupBox), GetType(Label)
                            ' Do nothing to control
                        Case GetType(CheckBox)
                            ' Change AutoCheck property instead
                            DirectCast(c, CheckBox).AutoCheck = False
                        Case Else
                            ' Disable control
                            c.Enabled = False
                    End Select
                    Select Case c.GetType
                        Case GetType(CheckBox)
                            ' Set Enabled and AutoCheck properties to true for CheckBox controls
                            With DirectCast(c, CheckBox)
                                .AutoCheck = True
                                .Enabled = True
                            End With
                        Case Else
                            ' Enable all other Controls
                            c.Enabled = True
                    End Select
                End If

                If Recursive = True AndAlso c.Controls IsNot Nothing AndAlso c.Controls.Count > 0 Then
                    c.Controls.SetEnabled(Enabled, Recursive)
                End If
        End Sub
End Module

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