Is there a way for an application to get a list of databases assigned to it's own origin/domain?

I have an app that creates and uses multiple indexeddb databases. It keeps track of each of them, but I would like to be able to delete all the databases and recreate them on demand so a user can get to a 'clean slate', even if the list the app maintains is corrupted some how.


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Databases have two main characteristics: a name and version.

You can get away without knowing the latter, since if you open up a database without a version you automatically get a reference to the most recent version; however, with the exception of the non-standard (but insanely useful) webkitGetDatabaseNames in Chrome, you cannot enumerate database names for a given host.

A common pattern I see is to store database names in localStorage, which has similar "temporary data" cache purge behavior to IDB.

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