My question concerns GNU's make.

If you have a sequence of commands that are useful as a recipe for several targets, a canned recipe comes in handy. I might look like this:

define run-foo
# Here comes a
# sequence of commands that are
# executed line by line

Now you can use the canned recipe like this:

file1: input1:

$(pattern) : sub/% : %.inp

and so on. I wonder if it is possible to define canned recipes (or something similar) that take parameters, so that I could execute them like this:

file2: input2
    $(run-foo) specific-parameter2 "additional"

file3: input3
    $(run-foo) another-parameter3 "text"

Is this possible? Any hints welcome :)

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You do this by:

  • Using parameters $1,$2... etc in your define-ed macro
  • Invoking the macro via $(call ...)


define recipe
echo $1

all: t1 t2

    $(call recipe,"One")

    $(call recipe,"Two")
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    The Automatic Variables are valid, so your canned recipe could expand stiff like ${opts-$@}. Naturally, you will have defined opts-t1 and opts-t2 before hand. – bobbogo Jan 21 '14 at 13:09
  • Quotes aren't necessary here. – Frug Dec 22 '15 at 18:32

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