When I use the method uiitem.WaitForControlExist(milliseconds); Execution waits too long. Muchmore of the specified parameter.

Any idea?

Just an example on UIMap.cs file:

public void AnyAlertClickNo(int seconds)
    #region Variable Declarations
    WinWindow uIAlert = this.UIAlertWindow;
    WinButton uINoButton = this.UIAlertWindow.UIAnswerPanel.UINoButton;

        Mouse.Click(uINoButton, new Point(20, 10));


Te calls could be:

Any_UIMap aaa = new Any_UIMap();

I don't know why this code are waiting for this alert arround 15-20 seconds.

thanks in advance

  • Editing the question to give more details of the problem is good. You should also add details of what research you have done into finding a solution to the problem. My answer suggested some areas for you to investigate. What did you learn from following those suggestions. – AdrianHHH Jan 22 '14 at 21:17

The code is unlikely to be


There are often several levels of UI control, so the code is more likely to be of the form:


A line like the above has a meaning like the following, provided that it has the first use of the three UI controls:

var one = UiMap.uiOne.Find();
var two = one.uiTwo.Find();

I suspect that your Coded UI test is spending some time on the ...Find() calls. You might do some diagnostics to check where the time is spent. Look here and here for some good ideas on speeding up Coded UI tests.

  • thanks but try again – xavilage Jan 22 '14 at 19:42

Well it is supposed to. UITestControl.WaitForControlExist Method (Int32)

When the wait operation causes an implicit search for the control or, when the application is busy, the actual wait time could be more than the time-out specified.

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