I am running Emacs 24.3 and org-mode 8.25f. When I use M-x org-publish command, the org-mode only convert the new .org files to .html and skip all the others which have not been modified since last publish operation.

However, usually I have some changes in the publish setup and some CSS code changes. I want them to take effect to all the files, not just the recently modified ones.

So, can I tell org-mode not to skip these unchanged files?


This should work:

M-: (org-publish "project name" t)

This runs org-publish with FORCE set to t. From the docs:

When optional argument FORCE is non-nil, force publishing all
files in PROJECT.  With a non-nil optional argument ASYNC,
publishing will be done asynchronously, in another process.

As you discovered yourself, a prefix argument will also force Org to publish all files:

C-u M-x org-publish

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