I'm using Backbone in an app & running into an situation where events are not firing.

My View, maps to a dialog interface containing several controls (a text area, a couple radio buttons, etc.) and a save button. I'm defining the following events:

events: {
        'input': 'onchange',
        'change': 'onchange',
        'click .save': 'save',
        'click .cancel': 'cancel',
  1. Each time any form element in the dialog changes, I fire onchange, which performs some validation and either enables or disables the save button.

  2. In the 'normal' flow, everything works properly. I fill out the textarea, click an option on the radio button, and then click save. My work is saved properly.

  3. In an alternative flow, I try to click save while my cursor is still in the text area, and nothing happens. Then, if I click on the save button a second time, the form saves correctly. I've tried setting a breakpoint at the very beginning of the save method, and confirmed that it is not called during the first button click, and is then called correctly with the second button click.

  4. I've tried to make a minimal example as a jsFiddle to demonstrate the issue, but I can't isolate the buggy behavior.

What could be preventing the click event and save function the first time I click the button? Do you have any tips or recommendations for helping debug an issue like this?

Update: Using a Javascript Profiler

I went back and used a profiler to dig in on what's happening. Here was my process:

  1. Set up page for test, with everything filled in except the primary textarea
  2. Start profiler
  3. Type a letter into the textarea and wait for onchange handlers to fire, which is evidenced by Save button becoming enabled
  4. Wait several seconds
  5. Click Save - nothing happens
  6. Stop profiler

And here's my profile: enter image description here

What's interesting is that there's a clear flurry of activity when the onchange handlers fire, seen as a visible spike in the flame chart. However, when I click save the first time, there is no javascript execution captured at all! Very curious...

  • When you click the button, isn't the textarea suppose to lose focus? Use a javascript profiler (in browser) to verify whether there is a call to preventDefault/stopPropagation anywhere. – Zuhaib Jan 21 '14 at 20:21
  • @Zuhaib, Thanks for the suggestion. I've used a profile, and don't see any calls to preventDefault or StopPropagation. Updating the answer with what I see. – Benj Jan 22 '14 at 17:52

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