I'm working with SmartOptimizer: minify js and css, use css data uris, add far expire headers and other features. (http://farhadi.ir/works/smartoptimizer) It works fine, but i don't know if exists a similiar application with similar or best tools (like Google Closure, CSScaffold,..)

If you're not sure witch is better, what's your favourite??

Thanks for reading, sorry for my english

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YSlow ( http://developer.yahoo.com/yslow/ ) will tell you where you can optimize, at least, though it won't solve your problems for you.


WEB optimizer(http://webo.name/) is a great thing. It can not only find issues, but also do some optimizing. However it isn't free for commercial use.


I have a JS and CSS compressor into my editor (Coda.app), and I optimise images with ImageOptim.app. You just have to drag & drop the images, and the app does his job by choosing the best compression throwing it at multiple images libraries.
Note: MAC only

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