I can't find any similar option that would include all the function names into the final release binary. Or does clang do it by default?

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At least clang 3.3 seems to support -rdynamic though neither clang --help nor the manpage documents it. (If you are on OSX, -rdynamic isn't needed)

gcc -rdynamic says "-rdynamic Pass the flag --export-dynamic to the ELF linker, on targets that support it."

So clang should also be able to do the same with -Wl,--export-dynamic.

  • My bad, should have added that I specifically mean OS X. Why is it not needed? – Violet Giraffe Jan 22 '14 at 10:00
  • It's the default to put all symbols in the global symbol table on OSX – nos Jan 22 '14 at 10:02
  • Thanks a lot, I somehow failed to find that information. – Violet Giraffe Jan 22 '14 at 10:03
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    Clang 5 does not support -export-dynamic but does support -rdynamic. – gone Feb 10 at 15:05

The correct answer to this question is -Wl,-export_dynamic and not -Wl,--export-dynamic.

-Wl,--export-dynamic is only correct if you are using the GNU linker on ELF platforms.

This question is about OS X.

Source: http://www.opensource.apple.com/source/ld64/ld64-236.3/src/ld/Options.cpp

else if ( strcmp(arg, "-export_dynamic") == 0 ) {
    fExportDynamic = true;

My Google-fu is telling me you can replace that by


Which is what GCC usually passes to the linker when it is passed -rdynamic. I would first try it without anything, and see if the flag was necessary.

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