Full Request in sending mail.

{ "message": { "subject": "Test message", "from_email": "", "html": "

this is a test message with Mandrill's PHP wrapper!.Unsubscribe | Forward A friend

", "to": [ { "email": "*", "name": "Recipient 1" } ] }, "async": false, "ip_pool": "", "send_at": "", "key": "*" // API KEY } Full Response [ { "email": "*", "status": "sent", "_id": "********", "reject_reason": null } ]

Getting the mail but Unsubscribe and Forward A friend not work in mail. I am using the mandrill API.

Please guided me.


Those merge tags are specific to MailChimp and won't work by default in Mandrill. More info can be found in the Mandrill KB: Can I use MailChimp merge tags in Mandrill emails?

  • You mean say forward a friend not directly use in mandrill mail. |UNSUB:mywebsite.com/unsub| - its working but redirect to own page. Any other method to implement forward a friend in mandrill mail. – Deepak Jan 22 '14 at 15:02

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