I'm looking for a way to preserve query string parameters when navigating back up the stack using the standard <asp:SiteMapPath> implementation.

For simplicity, suppose I have a Animal > Breed page stack:

 <siteMapNode url="~/Animal.aspx" title="Animal" >
    <siteMapNode url="~/Breed.aspx" title="Breed"/>  

I navigate to Animal.aspx?type=Dog and select a dog breed to navigate to Breed.aspx?type=Bulldog

On Breed.aspx I have the correct breadcrumb Animal > Breed but the Animal url is just Animal.aspx. How can I get the Animal link to be the parent/previous page Animal.aspx?type=Dog?

In this simplistic example I realise I could feasibly add all the animal type as separate nodes with their relevant type. My actual setup is more complicated and requires ids to be read from the a database.


You can attach the parameter to whatever link the user is to click on to navigate...

So you would use something like

mytype = Request.QueryString["type"];

to get the value, the apply that to the link...

mylink.NavigateURL = "animal.aspx?type="+mytype;

I did this outside of the editor, so you'll need to watch for syntax errors...

Here's some documentation...


  • I was hoping for something a lot less manual, I'd have to do this explicitly on each page requiring it. My breadcrumb is also in a master page so hard to get at from page level. – mizzle Jan 23 '14 at 9:38

As accepted answer here I have added the follow to the detail page (Breed.aspx in the example)

     protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e){
            if (!IsPostBack)
                SiteMap.SiteMapResolve += new SiteMapResolveEventHandler(SiteMap_SiteMapResolve);

     SiteMapNode SiteMap_SiteMapResolve(object sender, SiteMapResolveEventArgs e){
            SiteMapNode currentNode = SiteMap.CurrentNode.Clone(true);

            currentNode.ParentNode.Url += "?type=" + this.Breed.AnimalType;

            return currentNode;


Seems to work well

The url is updated however I use CurrentNode a lot in my menu controls navigating up and down the site map. When I clone I lose sibling information breaking my menus.

I either need to find a way of cloning which preserves the entire sitemap or find another way of amending the ParentNode.Url

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