I'm trying to apply CSS transition effect when an element comes to viewport (i.e. when user scrolls to it), but not before.

I already know how to use CSS transitions, but how do I apply them only when the element comes to viewport?

What it the best way of doing this? If there's some library's to simplify the task, I would be glad to know.


Give CSS3 Animate It a go, makes the whole process as simple as adding a few clases.


Then you can just add the classes like this to get started.

<div class='animatedParent'>
<h2 class='animated bounceInDown'>It Works!</h2>

Here is a great demo:

Slide In (as you scroll down) Boxes | CSS-Tricks http://bit.ly/19NN2NJ
Slide in from bottom boxes - CodePen http://bit.ly/1dvNF9U

Maybe it helps you to see point. Point is detect a viewport and apply effect just onScroll as you can see in demo. If you want help with bug or specific problem just send a source :-) and I'll solve.


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