suppose this url:


i'd like to get all comments for a given article (here the 1111).

This is how i capture this url:

url(r'^articles/(?P<uid>[-\w]+)/comments/$', comments_views.CommentList.as_view()),

The related view looks like to:

class CommentList(generics.ListAPIView):    
    serializer_class = CommentSerializer
    permission_classes = (permissions.IsAuthenticatedOrReadOnly,)
    lookup_field = "uid"

    def get_queryset(self):
        comments = Comment.objects.filter(article= ???)
        return comments

For information, the related serializer

class CommentSerializer(serializers.ModelSerializer):
    owner = UserSerializer()

    class Meta:
        model = Comment
        fields = ('id', 'content', 'owner', 'created_at')

As you can see, I've updated my get_queryset to filter comments on the article but I don't know how to catch the "uid" parameter. With an url ending with ?uid=value, i can use self.request.QUERY_PARAMS.get('uid') but in my case, I don't know how to do it. Any idea?


The url parameter is stored in self.kwargs. lookup_field is the field (defaults to pk) the generic view uses inside the ORM when looking up individual model instances, lookup_url_kwarg is probably the property you want.

So try the following:

class CommentList(generics.ListAPIView):    
    serializer_class = CommentSerializer
    permission_classes = (permissions.IsAuthenticatedOrReadOnly,)
    lookup_url_kwarg = "uid"

    def get_queryset(self):
        uid = self.kwargs.get(self.lookup_url_kwarg)
        comments = Comment.objects.filter(article=uid)
        return comments
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    thanks !! i've tried unsuccessfully to build a custom mixins (django-rest-framework.org/api-guide/…) but your solution works fine. :)
    – billyJoe
    Jan 22 '14 at 21:20
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    You may want to explore this library which takes query params and put filters on queryset in an elegant way. github.com/manjitkumar/drf-url-filters Apr 9 '16 at 21:27
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    Hey @Scott Woodall, I had a similar problem, now I sorted it out. My concern here now is, is this lookup_url_kwarg a must? How about if I I'm having multiple params? e.g uid, some_thing_else? Is it ok to just do this way comments = Comment.objects.filter(article=self.kwargs.get('uid')) ? Mar 11 '18 at 15:43

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