Is there a recommended way to override/alter the form styles in inuit.css?

The inuit.css/base/_forms.scss has a rule setting label tags to display: block;, which is breaking a CMS I'm using. Certainly I could modify this file, or remove the import from _inuit.scss, but neither seems like a good approach.

Adding a rule in _vars.scss, which is a recommended approach for overriding defaults doesn't work. Both rules end up in the compiled css file, and the built-in one takes precedence.


In css/style.scss you add your own files like this:

 * She’s all yours, cap’n... Begin importing your stuff here.
//@import "ui/example";

Now you override display: block; in your own _forms.scss:

label {
    display: inline;


  • The _vars.scss is the recommended way to override inuit.css variables, not styles – Use own imported CSS files to override styles (see above)
  • Don't alter the inuit.css files itself, because you'll lose these changes as soon as you update
  • Check out the README.md for instructions on how to use inuit.css
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  • Make sure your CSS comes AFTER inuit.css, though. Otherwise, it will be your own CSS being overwritten instead – Hiigaran Jan 22 '14 at 20:09
  • @Hiigaran Exactly. That's why I kept the comment. It's after @import "inuit.css/inuit";. This is crucial. – kleinfreund Jan 22 '14 at 20:10

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