Is it possible to configure TeamCity 8+ to only deploy to the server if the version/build has changed. Our issue currently is we are deploying nightly but some nights there are no new changes and we do not want TeamCity to deploy.

I've searched their documentation and google but can not seem to find anything that talks about doing this. Wondering if it can be done?


So you have a schedule trigger that is set to run every night at 1:00 AM or something like that, right?

You can set it up to only run if there are changes to the repositories it uses, or any subset of them. You can even make it only run if there are changes to certain files or folders in a repository.

Look in the settings for your schedule trigger. If you set it up this way, it won't even trigger if there are no changes.

  • Wow! Great article... mind blown. :) – devfunkd Jan 23 '14 at 15:26

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