I am currently using the code below to load images but I want to show some kind of loading gif before the image loads completely.

$('#addimage').attr('src', src[i]);

Since I am using this in a animated mediabox the image loading in blocks does not look good so by the time the image is loading I want to replace it by showing a loading gif. Thanks


Use the load() event:

$("#addimage").load(function() {

Edit: to show one image until another loads is a little more convoluted but entirely possible. See Image Loading.

  • How am I suppose to show a gif till the image is loading? – halocursed Jan 24 '10 at 23:50
  • @halocursed: added a link to what you want. – cletus Jan 25 '10 at 0:26

You can use the callback event for once the image has loaded. Something like:

$('#addimage').load(function() { $(this).show() });
$('#addimage').attr('src', src[i]);

So you setup the load handler first, then apply your src attribute. This is assuming the image is hidden by default (via CSS, etc).


You can bind the onload event to the image.


Why not just set the src attribute to point to a loading image (EG, animated gif) and just show it the whole time?

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