As mentioned in the title above I have a cloudservice with a WebRole that runs a web app www.myappname.com. I have taken all necessary steps to enable serving of CDN content from my app using url rewrite module on IIS. This works fine but:

  1. The requests coming in from CDN are forwarded to .cloudapp.net instead of my custom hostname binding. I cannot find any place to change this in my configuration. When I create a new CDN endpoint my options for setting the ORIGIN DOMAIN are limited to my cloud service endpoints
  2. Say I got a custom domain name for my cloud service CDN endpoint (ex. static.appnamecdn.com). What happens when I make request with https? I don't see any place to register the "static.appnamecdn.com" 's ssl certificate. Isn't something like this required?
  • I don't see a reason why my question is not useful. So why the down vote? – cleftheris Jan 23 '14 at 19:24

From the help icon on the Create CDN Endpoint screen (Azure Management Portal) I got my answer to the second point above:

If you choose to enable HTTPS for your CDN endpoint, keep in mind the following points:

  • You must use the certificate provided by the CDN. Third party certificates are not supported.
  • You must use the CDN domain to access content. HTTPS support is not available for custom domain names (CNAMEs) since the CDN does not support custom certificates at this time.
  • HTTPS is from the CDN to the client only. Requests from the CDN to the content provider (Storage Account or hosted service) are still made using HTTP.
  • as of Apr 16, 2014 the feedback site for azure states that this feature is currently planned. So the answer is not supported yet. – cleftheris Dec 4 '14 at 18:35

Regarding your first question, I don't think that is possible...Azure's CDN unfortunately is somewhat limited in its options.

As to the 2nd, as was said in the other answer, it's not possible to use HTTPS with a custom domain name :/

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