Using standard sitecore controls (Link and Text), you can embed a text field within a link in the following way:

<sc:Link runat="server" Field="LinkUrl" >
        <sc:Text runat="server" Field="LinkText" />

That will give you the ability to edit the text of one field and link of another field.

I have tried to replicate this using Glass, but have been unsuccessful. Something like this would be good (It doesn't work):

<%= Editable( x => x.LinkUrl,new { Text = Editable(Model,q => q.LinkText,null)}) %>

Is there another way of sorting this out?

There are two options I see if I cannot do this using standard glass functionality:

  1. Change the GlassHtml code
  2. Use Two Fields

If you are using Razor use this:

@using (BeginRenderLink(x => x.Link, isEditable: true))
    @Editable(x => x.Title);

If you are using WebForms:

<%using(BeginRenderLink(x=>x.Link){ %>

    <%=Editable(x=>x.Title) %>

<% } %>



If you are using Glass version 3, then you can't use Editable on Link and Image fields.
Use RenderLink and RenderImage instead.

See here: http://glass.lu/docs/tutorial/sitecore/tutorial22/tutorial22.html

The Editable method is the most basic method to use to make a field editable and should be used with most fields that are page editable except the Image field and General Link field

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    Ruud this has changed in you can now push Links and IMages through the Editable method. – Michael Edwards Jan 23 '14 at 22:10

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