The javascript code:

function blah()
    var blahInterval = setInterval(function(){ 
        if( some_global_variable == 5 )
    }, 1000);

I have this code with multiple variants, and it is going to be called gazillion times in a NodeJS script. Shall I delete blahInterval; after clearInterval?

Is this a memory leak? Or the GC will clean it once setInerval function goes out of scope?


The GC should clean it when it goes out of scope. As long as the if condition can be false to clear the interval. I would not consider it a memory leak.

  • the global variable is changed with some external event, so this setInterval handler might be executed one time or hundred times! So the question is "when does blahInterval goes out of scope?" – ItsMe Jan 23 '14 at 19:23
  • There is a local blahInterval created with each function call of blah(). So each one will go out of scope around the same time considering the if statements as the same. If blahInterval was a global variable we would have problems, because there would be intervals that can't be cleared when it's overwritten. Since it's local we don't have that problem. – Spencer Wieczorek Jan 23 '14 at 19:31

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