When publishing a shortcut using the WiX 'Advertise' option, the end result produces a Start Menu shortcut that ignores my application's VisualElementsManifest.xml.

<Shortcut ... Advertise="yes" />

When I remove the tag, Windows 8 will then process/render my application shortcut with the proper customizations from the VisualElementsManifest file.

  <VisualElements BackgroundColor="#333333"

When I choose not to use the advertise feature, the 'Target' area of my shortcut is populated with the full location to the executable. When I don't use the advertise feature, the 'Target' property of the shortcut is blank and disabled. Obviously two different shortcut types and behaviors are created.

My question is this; is it possible to use the 'Advertise' feature and have the VisualElementsManifest applied? Do I need to place the file in a different location or name it differently?

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