I am trying to exclude a directory from being analyzed by Sonar. I have the following properties defined in my sonar-project.properties file:


The directory structure I have is:


When I run the sonar-runner I get the following info:

 INFO  - Excluded sources:
 INFO  -   src/java/test/**/*.java
 INFO  - Excluded tests:
 INFO  -   **/package-info.java

But when I check the result of the analysis all the packages inside the test directory are still there.

I just need to tell Sonar to not analyze the test directory and any packages inside it.

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    I found the solution: sonar.exclusions=test/**/*.java – user1982350 Jan 24 '14 at 3:56
  • But if you want to avoid test analysis you can try using for example mvn clean package -DskipTests – Eddú Meléndez Jan 24 '14 at 13:57

Try something like this:


I able to exclude multiple directories using the below config(comma separated folder paths)

sonar.exclusions=system/**, test/**, application/third_party/**, application/logs/**

And while running the sonar runner I got the following in the log

Excluded sources: 
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    I get the excluded message too, but files are still analyzed. – Sebas Dec 1 '16 at 10:17
  • in Teamcity parameters I used your tip, but inserting -D before (-Dsonar.exclu...). Works here. :-) – Maciel Bombonato Jan 4 '18 at 18:30

This will work for your case:

sonar.exclusions=**/src/java/dig/ ** , **/src/java/test/dig/ **

If we want to skip the entire folder following can be used:


And if we have only one particular file just give the complete path.

All the folder which needs to be exclude and be appended here.


Easiest way is to go to the server URL after starting the server(localhost:8080) then login as admin,Go to settings>Exclusions> Source File Exclusions- Add your packages here. Restart the server.


Another configuration option is adding a maven properties sonar.exclusions. Below is a sample pom file with exclusions of static jquery directory and static pdf viewer directory.

<project >
<artifactId>my Artifact</artifactId>
<!-- Enviroment variables can be referenced as such: ${env.PATH} -->



    <!--Exclude the files Here-->


what version of sonar are you using? There is one option called "sonar.skippedModules=yourmodulename".

This will skip the whole module. So be aware of it.

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    WARN - 'sonar.skippedModules' property is deprecated since version 4.3 and should not be used anymore. – Zheng Kai Aug 1 '14 at 4:55

Just to mention that once you excluded the files from Sonar, do the same for Jacoco plugin:


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