If you have a full path like: "C:\dir0\dir1\dir2\dir3\dir4\" how would you best implement it so that all directories are present?

Is there a method for this in the BCL? If not, what's the most elegant way to do this?


I would call Directory.CreateDirectory(@"C:\dir0\dir1\dir2\dir3\dir4\").

Contrary to popular belief, Directory.CreateDirectory will automatically create whichever parent directories do not exist.
In MSDN's words, Creates all directories and subdirectories as specified by path.

If the entire path already exists, it will do nothing. (It won't throw an exception)

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    Thanks, I didn't know this. The path has to be a directory path, not a file path, right? – Joan Venge Jan 25 '10 at 18:26
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    @Joan:Yes; you can call Path.GetDirectoryName to get it. – SLaks Jan 25 '10 at 18:32
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    It should have called CreateDirectoryTree – OldSchool Aug 7 '17 at 16:04

Create directories from complete filepath

private String EvaluatePath(String path){

        String folder = Path.GetDirectoryName(path);
        if (!Directory.Exists(folder))
            // Try to create the directory.
            DirectoryInfo di = Directory.CreateDirectory(folder);
    catch (IOException ioex)
        return "";
    return path;

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