I have a problem with one magento installation version

when I try to upload an image through the WYSIWYG editor in the cms pages for example when I click on browse server I get this error:

error: error in [unknown object].fireEvent():    
event name: open_browser_callback    
error message: Dialog is not defined

SO far I haven't found the same error so if anyone can help out I'd be very grateful.

Also in product WYSIWYG editor it doesn't load and says

Window is not defined.

I guess the error is the same.



I had the same problem on 1.6. Fixed it by overwriting the complete js folder

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I had the same problem on 1.7.0

I go to the Magento "old versions" repository and downloaded the whole CMS

Then I replaced the whole existing js folder in that the fresh installation...it works :)

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