I am using peerjs server and peerjs to makewebrtc call between 2 peerid. The call is like

 var call = peer.call($('#callto-id').val(), window.localStream);

establishment is working perfect. Now i have added a popup when incoming call is coming from other peers.The pop is asking "Recieve the call?"

If user press "yes" from popup call recieve using 'call.answer(window.localStream);' else no action

If the user reject the call the caller not getting any response that the call is recieved or not.

How i can understand the call is recieved or not by calling ' var call = peer.call($('#callto-id').val(), window.localStream);'

Any idea?

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I realize this reponse is mad late... but I just stumbled upon your question and figured I can help you out, if you already have a solution then that is cool, this will help if anyone else asks later.

The line of code you are looking for on the receiving end (person being called) is...


This should be executed when the user rejects the call. Then you should have a function which handles that and displayed whatever HTML you want to your caller.

You will need to use a flag for this, as you will want a different result for the close function if the call was answered first beforehand as this would imply a normal call went ahead.

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