I have build a web application with mvc 4. First i implemented the application without compiled queries but to increase the performance i want to use compiled queries. But i can´t use the queries because of the DataContext. I have a class for the queries with a lot of methods like:

    private static Func<DataContext, int, IEnumerable<Information>> _OwnInformations;
    public static List<Information> GetOwnInformations(DataContext dataContext, int userId)
        if (_OwnInformations == null)
            _OwnInformations = CompiledQuery.Compile<DataContext, int, IEnumerable<Information>>((dc, id) => (
                 from tm in dc.GetTable<Information>()
                 where tm.User.Id == id || tm.Author.Id == id
                 select tm
            return _OwnInformations.Invoke(dataContext, userId).Distinct().ToList();

The DataContext is created and disposed in the Controller classes. So i have the problem that it isn´t possible to use a compiled query with different DataContexts . Also i don´t want to take the DataContext in the session.

Have anybody an idea to solve my problem?


I found my problem. I needed an own DataContext partial class with my tables and the connection within. So, now i can use my compiled queries :).

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