How can i send fax programatically with java?


Woo, Google: fax4j.

UPDATE: The fax4j project has moved to github. Latest releases hosted here.

  • Is there any charges for sending fax??
    – ranjith
    Nov 19 '15 at 11:40

Try out phaxio, it'll probably be the simplest path towards implementation. It's a RESTful api, much cheaper than interfax and it's built specifically for developers.


For even more options, Google: java fax api

For a commercial service with a jar, code samples and a free developer program: http://www.interfax.net/en/dev/java


Hoiio provides a simple RESTful API to send a fax. http://developer.hoiio.com/docs/fax_send.html

You can also receive fax all the same. The charges are by "per minute", since fax are nothing but transmitted data over a phone call.

The Hoiio Java SDK currently does not include fax. But you may fork the SDK and easily add the code for fax.

Disclaimer: I work for Hoiio

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