I would like to parse a list of data from one intent to another intent

However, with my code, I'm only manage to pass the first item in the listview . I use a log.d to check for the items, and realised that only one items is being pass. In my listview there's 2 items,when I pass it over to my next intent, only one item was shown in the log..

I did a serializable in my class. I make a log in my summary, however, when I click on summary, the log that was shown in not all the data.


01-28 18:20:49.218: D/Bundle(20278): bundle : Bundle[{clickedpreOdometer=, clickedID=2, clickedCost= 12.0, clickedDate=27/12/2014, pojoArrayList=[com.example.fuellogproject.fuelLogPojo@43bf3f18, com.example.fuellogproject.fuelLogPojo@43bf5b68], clickedPump=3, clickedPrice=4, clickedFCon= 0.0, clickedOdometer=3}]


    public void summaryClick (View v)
    Intent sum = new Intent(this, summary.class);
    fuelLogPojo clickedObject = pojoArrayList.get(0);
    Bundle dataBundle = new Bundle();
    dataBundle.putString("clickedID", clickedObject.getid());
    dataBundle.putString("clickedDate", clickedObject.getdate());
    dataBundle.putString("clickedPrice", clickedObject.getprice());
    dataBundle.putString("clickedPump", clickedObject.getpump());
    dataBundle.putString("clickedCost", clickedObject.getcost());
    dataBundle.putString("clickedOdometer", clickedObject.getodometer());
    dataBundle.putString("clickedFCon", clickedObject.getfcon());
    dataBundle.putSerializable("pojoArrayList", pojoArrayList);

    Log.i("FuelLog", "dataBundle " + dataBundle);
    // Attach the bundled data to the intent
//  sum.putExtras(dataBundle);
    Log.i("Exrrass", "dataBundle " + dataBundle);
    // Start the Activity



protected void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {
        //month = (TextView)findViewById(R.id.month);
        avgPrice = (TextView)findViewById(R.id.showavfPriceTV);
        exFuel = (TextView)findViewById(R.id.showexFuelTV);
        avgFC = (TextView)findViewById(R.id.showavgFCTV);
        doneButton = (Button)findViewById(R.id.doneBTN);
        exitButton = (Button)findViewById(R.id.exitBTN);

        Bundle takeBundledData = getIntent().getExtras();  
        // First we need to get the bundle data that pass from the UndergraduateListActivity

        bundleID = takeBundledData.getString("clickedID");
        /*bundleDate = takeBundledData.getString("clickedDate");
        bundlePrice = takeBundledData.getString("clickedPrice");
        bundlePump = takeBundledData.getString("clickedPump");
        bundleCost = takeBundledData.getString("clickedCost");
        bundleOdometer = takeBundledData.getString("clickedOdometer");
        bundlePreOdometer = takeBundledData.getString("clickedpreOdometer");
        bundleFcon = takeBundledData.getString("clickedFCon");*/
        Log.d("Bundle","bundle : "+ takeBundledData);



public class fuelLogPojo implements Serializable{
  • You may be better off making your objects implement the Parcelable interface that way you can just pass the whole object instead of 5 or 6 lines of data each time. – Rarw Jan 27 '14 at 14:49

fuelLogPojo should implement either Parcelable or Serializable

Bundles can accept custom classes, if they implement either Parcelable or Serializable, Parcelable is faster but more work to implement and Serializable is easier to implement, but slower.

I'm going to imagine that fuelLogPojo extends Serializable in this example, just because its easier to setup but you should really consider Parcelable

Then you can do this:

dataBundle.putSerializable("pojoArrayList", pojoArrayList);

Also, you should reconsider the naming convention for your classes.

EDIT: Here's how to access that pojoArrayList in summary.

List<fuelLogPojo> pojoArrayList = (List<fuelLogPojo>)extras.getSerializable("pojoArrayList");
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  • I edited the post to include how to access that list in summary – quinnjn Jan 28 '14 at 14:32

If you want to pass array of Custom Objects You have to implements Parcerable interface

Take a look here

And then pass array like

Intent i=...
i.putParcelableArrayListExtra("ARRAY", array);

and read it

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