I have a sequence on postgresql 9.3 inside a schema.

I can do this:

SELECT last_value, increment_by from foo."SQ_ID";`
last_value | increment_by
          1 |            1 (1 fila)

But this doesn't work:

SELECT nextval('foo.SQ_ID');
ERROR:  no existe la relación «foo.sq_id»
LÍNEA 1: SELECT nextval('foo.SQ_ID');

What is wrong ?

It says that not exist the relation foo.sq_id, but it exists.

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The quoting rules are painful. I think you want:

SELECT nextval('foo."SQ_ID"');

to prevent case-folding of SQ_ID.

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    SQL does not "case fold" in SQL the double quote is for denoting db objects seq and table names the single quote is for denoting static string values . They are not interchangeable. select "field" from "table" where "field" = 'value';
    – David Chan
    Sep 19, 2014 at 21:06
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    Of all the combinations of single and double quotes I tried, this would have been my last guess. Feb 11, 2021 at 15:32
SELECT last_value, increment_by from "other_schema".id_seq;

for adding a seq to a column where the schema is not public try this.


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