When I wrap my Flask application in gunicorn writing to stdout no longer seems to go anywhere (simple print statements don't appear). Is there someway to either capture the stdout into the gunicorn access log, or get a handle to the access log and write to it directly?

  • I'm finding errors won't appear anywhere whereas print statements will provided there are no errors. – John Mee Sep 4 '14 at 12:03

Use the logging: set the stream to stdout

import logging


app.logger.debug("Hello World")

The solution from John mee works, but it duplicates log entries in the stdout from gunicorn.

I used this:

import logging
from flask import Flask

app = Flask(__name__)

if __name__ != '__main__':
    gunicorn_logger = logging.getLogger('gunicorn.error')
    app.logger.handlers = gunicorn_logger.handlers

and got I this from: https://medium.com/@trstringer/logging-flask-and-gunicorn-the-manageable-way-2e6f0b8beb2f


You can redirect standard output to a errorlog file, which is enough for me.

Note that:


Redirect stdout/stderr to specified file in errorlog

My config file gunicorn.config.py setting

accesslog = 'gunicorn.log'
errorlog = 'gunicorn.error.log'
capture_output = True

Then run with gunicorn app_py:myapp -c gunicorn.config.py

The equivaluent command line would be

gunicorn app_py:myapp --error-logfile gunicorn.error.log --access-logfile gunicorn.log --capture-output

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