I've programmed before in PHP, Java and C(#), but I'm new to Delphi. I installed Delphi 2007 and opened a project I got (and which actually has a request for change) by it's .dpr file and had to click away over a dozen messages of errors. When I opened the first .pas file I saw a lot of red underlined words (actually 16) in the uses section. I found out these are all part of packages (a bit like jars one can include in a java application), but these packages are not part of the project and have to be separately downloaded and installed. I took one of the 16 missing includes, found the package for it, downloaded and installed it and now I'm at 15 red underlined includes.

As not all the Delphi packages I need are easy to find and it might be that other source files need even more packages I first wanted to have a complete list of packages I need. I did find Determining Delphi Runtime Packages to Include but that relies on a .bpl file, which I don't have. Unfortunately after building (and clicking away a lot of error messages again) I don't get information either 'cause there's no View item under Project. I downloaded Required from Bob Swart, but that ain't helping either as I simply can't get a bpl file when I only have the source of a project and it will not compile or build because of the missing packages. That kinda sucks and actually seems to me like a design flaw of Delphi ...

So, is there another way to find out all the packages I need? And is there a way to find those packages easily? For instance is there a website that has them all??

For example how can I find out which package I need for ComPort as there probably are dozens with that name? Java luckily always has an include structure like net.somewhere.blah/ComPort, but Delphi doesn't seem to know where a used file comes from unless the .bpl file is around, or does it?

  • When Delphi 3 was released in 1997 hardly any other RAD tool had even that support for packages. Today it really lags behind... Now, search for *.DPK files in your project, those are sources for packages to compile and maybe also to INSTALL into IDE. In those sources you would also find REQUIRES section to find even more packages. For EXE/DPR in the Project Options there is "runtime packages" section where if your sourcees are complete you would also find a list of runtime packages – Arioch 'The Jan 28 '14 at 11:28
  • Actually, the Delphi IDE more depends of half-compiled templates *.DCP rather than *.BPL // In Delphi 4 - 7 you could open DPK project, and open "requires" tree and dbl-click on those dependences to open those packages too (and even if DPK sources would be missed, Delphi did reversed them from DCP) but in D2005 they broken it and it never worked since :-( – Arioch 'The Jan 28 '14 at 11:32
  • Unfortunately no "runtime packages" in my dpr file (not much to see when I open it in Notepad++). There are three dcp files, two of them with D2006 in their filename and one with D2007. That package I can install, but it's the only one, so still 14 includes to go ... – JeroenV Jan 28 '14 at 12:05
  • A do find a dproj file with a list though, and that's long, very long ....: – JeroenV Jan 28 '14 at 12:07
  • 1
    Looks like somebody puked a load of 3rd party guff on the project and you are left cleaning up the mess. You might like to talk to the original author who may have some information. – David Heffernan Jan 28 '14 at 12:16

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