I'm trying to filter some list items based on the value of a boolean property, but no matter what I do the entire list is always displayed. A few of the the things I've tried have been so broken that nothing displays, but that's neither here nor there. I can't get my filtering working as desired:

$scope.attendees = [
     {"firstname":"Steve",    "lastname":"Jobs",  "arrived":true,  "id":1}
    ,{"firstname":"Michelle", "lastname":"Jobs",  "arrived":false, "id":2}
    ,{"firstname":"Adam",     "lastname":"Smith", "arrived":true,  "id":3}
    ,{"firstname":"Megan",    "lastname":"Smith", "arrived":false, "id":4}
    ,{"firstname":"Dylan",    "lastname":"Smith", "arrived":false, "id":5}
    ,{"firstname":"Ethan",    "lastname":"Smith", "arrived":false, "id":6}

Using the following ng-repeat filtering:

    <li ng-repeat="person in attendees track by person.id | filter:arrived:'false'">
            {{person.lastname}}, {{person.firstname}}

I feel like I've tried every permutation that I can find referenced, most of which came from various StackOverflow search results:

  • filter:'arrived'
  • filter:arrived
  • filter:'person.arrived'
  • filter:person.arrived
  • filter:{arrived:true}
  • filter:{arrived:'true'}
  • filter:{person.arrived:true}
  • filter:{person.arrived:'true'}

I've also tried creating a custom filter function:

$scope.isArrived = function(item) {
    return item.arrived;

And applying it thusly:

  • filter:isArrived
  • filter:'isArrived'
  • filter:{isArrived(person)}
  • filter:isArrived(person)
  • filter:'isArrived(person)'

None of these seems to work. What am I missing?

Here's a plnkr that demonstrates my problem.

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The track by needs to be at the end of the expression:

<li ng-repeat="person in attendees | filter: {arrived: false } track by person.id">
  • 3
    How flipping annoying, and a waste of 30 minutes. I wish it used trackBy: .. and acted normally "like everything else". Commented Dec 5, 2015 at 2:28
  • This is a very important point. Tracking by unique values that were largely identical for most of the leading characters, we were getting a duplicates error because track by wasn't last in the expression. Pretty obscure error imo.
    – Matt S
    Commented Jun 1, 2017 at 21:45

@Gruff's answer is right, but just to give an answer from an official source:

From the Angular ng-repeat docs:

Note: track by must always be the last expression:

<div ng-repeat="model in collection | orderBy: 'id' as filtered_result track by model.id">

It also appear on the "Arguments" part of the docs:

Note that the tracking expression must come last, after any filters, and the alias expression.

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