I've been trying this for a while, but I keep getting the error:

Error: Command failed: Invalid Parameter - /images

I installed ImageMagick and the gm package, so that's definitely not the problem.

      .resize(100) // use your own width and height
      .write('here.jpg', function (err) {
        if (!err) console.log(' hooray! ');
        else console.log(err); 

imageLocation being ./images/3.jpg. Why does this error keep happening? I looked at the documentation

I'm on a Windows 32 bit machine. My server is supposed to get an image from a folder, resize it, and then display it. It seems like I have to write the resized photo and then display that, but the writing process always errors out and the image ends up being empty.

If there's a way to skip the writing part and just displaying the photo directly, that would be awesome too.


URL Query I used: http://localhost:8123/images/3.jpg

Complete code:

var querystring = require('querystring'); //used for parsing parts of urls
    url = require('url'); 
    http = require('http'); 
    fs = require('fs'); 
    gm = require('gm').subClass({ imageMagick: true });; 

var server = http.createServer(); 

server.on('request', function(request, response){
    var parsed_url = url.parse(request.url, true); //true gets the query as well

    imageLocation = '.' + parsed_url.pathname;
      .resize(100) // use your own width and height
      .write('here.jpg', function (err) {
        if (!err) console.log(' hooray! ');
        else console.log(err); 

    if (getImage('here.jpg', response)){
        //image is displayed 
    respond404(parsed_url.pathname, response); 


function respond404(path, response){
    respond(404, "The requested path " + path + " was not found", response)  

function getImage(location, response)
        var img = fs.readFileSync(location);
        response.writeHead(200, {'Content-Type':'image/jpg'}); //parse this end
        response.end(img, 'binary');
        return true;
        return false; 


The answer Svbaker put can be used in Linux (maybe Mac as well?)

For Windows I got it to work by opening the command line in administrator mode and starting my server there.


I was able to get your code to work by changing how you required gm as follows:

var gm = require('gm');

I also had to remember to execute node with the correct permissions in my case:

sudo node server.js

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