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I try to connect .Net client app and 1C Bitrix (CMS) via SOAP.

So, when i create web-service on CMS , it depends WEBSERVICE_MODULE.

What it can be? On docs:Specifies the module that will be connected by a call service.


    "WEBSERVICE_NAME" => "WebService EndPoint: Bitrix",
    "WEBSERVICE_CLASS" => "CGenericWSStub"

maybe this still would be helpful:

1C-Bitrix has different editions where different modules are included.

Webservice module is included only in "Эксперт" and "Бизнес" editions. http://www.1c-bitrix.ru/products/cms/editions/#tab-table-link different editions

How you can know your edition of 1C-Bitrix:

open http://yoursiteurl/bitrix/admin/sysupdate.php find this words on the bottom of the page 'Редакция продукта:' and just opposite you will see your edition. Example below shows "Старт" edition example: 'Старт' edition

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