I am trying to write a code to capture pictures in burst mode.This requires long click (for about a minute)on the Capture button.How to achieve this?

UiObject CameraButton = new UiObject(new UiSelector().text("Capture"));

longclick() : how much time it will hold the button?Is it possible to perform a long click with a time stamp.


Use swipe (int startX, int startY, int endX, int endY, int steps) to perform long click for a time you wish. The last parameter steps determines the time. For a 100 steps, the swipe will take about 1/2 second to complete. The greater the value of steps, the longer the duration of click and release.

UiObject CameraButton = new UiObject(new UiSelector().text("Capture"));
Rect CameraButton_rect = CameraButton.getBounds();
getUiDevice().swipe(CameraButton_rect.centerX(), CameraButton_rect.centerY(), CameraButton_rect.centerX(), CameraButton_rect.centerY(), 100);
  • it works for me. great method, thanks! – Eddy Feb 16 '15 at 12:36

Another option is to drag the object to itself:

UiObject CameraButton = new UiObject(new UiSelector().text("Capture"));
CameraButton.dragTo(CameraButton, 10);

Chose the steps acording to the time you want it to take.


If you're using UIAutomator2, from version v18:2.1.3 onwards -
This long click handling is simplified with a click with wait duration.

 /** Performs a click on this object that lasts for {duration} milliseconds. */
    public void click(long duration)

Hope this helps someone!


For UIautomator 2.0 you shoud try like this:

BySelector selector = By.res("resourceID");
UiObject2 obj = mDevice.findObject(selector);
Point pot = obj.getVisibleCenter();
mDevice.swipe(pot.x, pot.y, pot.x, pot.y, 200);

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