On the internet I've found some info on how to accept and send messages using Spring and STOMP, however I did not find any good examples on how to send a message to a single user. Only how to broadcast them to every single one. Are there any good examples on it?

I basically want to run one or two controllers with STOMP in a Spring MVC structure, so I can authenticate people outside of the websocket, and later on tie that authentication to the STOMP controllers, and for that I obviously need to be able to send messages to individuals.


There is a reasonable spring blog post which covers this: http://assets.spring.io/wp/WebSocketBlogPost.html

The source code is on github (and linked from the blog).


There is a concept of User Destinations where messages can be bound to a specific destination belonging to a user's session.

There is this article from the Spring docs that explains it nicely. Hope this helps someone.


For anyone looking for the same answer with a nice code example, I've found this repo: spring-websocket-chat

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