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I tried to update cocoapods gem with command sudo gem install cocoapods. After few minutes on installation I saw Successfully installed cocoapods-0.29.0. But when I type pod --version got 0.27.1 again. Moreover when I try pod install terminal shows me this error:

[!] Pod::Executable pull

A   ALPValidator/0.0.1/ALPValidator.podspec

A   Apptimize/1.5.8/Apptimize.podspec

A   BloodMagic/0.5.2/BloodMagic.podspec

U   CardIO/3.2.2/CardIO.podspec

U   CardIO/3.3.0/CardIO.podspec

U   CardIO/3.4.0/CardIO.podspec

U   CardIO/3.4.3/CardIO.podspec


How can I solve this problem?

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On January 28 the Cocoapods Specs repo broke -- here's the full explanation and fix:


A bug was found in libgit2 and they had to execute a force push on the specs repo in order to fix the issue. This is what broke everyone CocoaPods setup.

You can find the details on what to do here.

Meanwhile you can use this quick fix :

rm -rf ~/.cocoapods/
pod setup

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