I am changing my work computer, and need to move my sqlYog saved connections to the new machine. I do not remember the passwords, is there a way to move it?

Windows 7 machines.

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There are 2 ways:

1) You will find sqlyog.ini in C:\Users\{user}\AppData\Roaming\SQLyog\sqlyog.ini on recent Windows. So just copy it to new machine.

2) You can export/import your connection details. Exporting enables you to transfer connection details to other machines that you can later import into SQLyog. You can export/import connection from the Tools->Export/Import Connection Details

Refer this.


Found in this webpage:

Locate in %appdata% a file called sqlyog.ini.

Move this file to the new machine, and fire up sql yog.


Go to Tools -> Export/Import Connection Details -> Export Connection Details and select all the connections that you wish to export. Choose the directory where the file will be saved, then pick Export.

Use the same procedure to Import the connections (only this time use the Import option).

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