Can I change the transparency of sublime text 2?

If you're running Windows you can install following st2/st3 plugin:

You can install either manually or via install package plugin.

You can also change SublimeTextTrans.sublime-settings file so you can overwrite default levels of transparency. Package resource viewer plugin will help you to find this file easily.

No, there's no support for transparent backgrounds. You can probably achieve this with a third party application. For example, on MacOS X you can look at Afloat.

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    Anything for linux - ubuntu?? – Nabin Jan 31 '14 at 5:30

Follow these steps:

  • Ctr+Shift+P
  • Install Package
  • Transparency

User: Preferences

On windows, I oftenly use Peek Through. It does work great with Sublime Text as well as with any other application.

Just install it and run it.

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