I generated my Sencha App using Sencha CMD version Then I downloaded Sencha CMD version Now when inside my application folder I am running command to deploy it on Android, then it is showing the following error:

The application was last modified by an older version of Sencha Cmd ( the current is Please run "sencha app upgrade" to update to

I went to the application folder and then ran this command sencha app upgrade path/to/senchacmd. In my case senchacmd is installed in home/bin/Sench/CMD/ But when I run this command, it shows the following error

Command must be run from a framework folder

Any help is appreciated.


I had exactly the same problem when updating to Ext JS I have white spaces in my path to, but even enquoting the path wouldn't help.

Well, turns out that

sencha app upgrade -ext

Upgrades the SDK from the online repo, so all's good.


sencha app upgrade path/to/senchacmd

The path variable you are using in this command in wrong.

Try asking for help on this command using sencha help app upgrade, it clearly shows the usage is sencha app upgrade /path/to/sdk.

ie its the path to sdk (like touch-2.3.0), not the path to sencha CMD .

Hope it will be helpful....


I first updated the PATH variable to point to the latest Sencha Cmd on my system! Whenever I ran sencha ... it displayed an older version number.

I then navigated to the folder with the app in and ran sencha app upgrade -nof which I don't believe I needed, but this updated the app to use the cmd version from the PATH, and ignored the framework.

I had a similar error about the framework folder, and finally it dawned on me that their was spaces in some of the folder names, so I had to use

sencha app upgrade "/path/to/latest/sdk/with some whitespace"

with the path in speech marks, this then upgraded the framework stored in the /touch folder in the app. I imagine it would have also upgraded the cmd settings in the app at this point as well.

I am on a Mac, with Architect 3.0.3, Touch (was, CMD (was, the path to the SDK was well hidden.

"/Users/*username*/Library/Application Support/Sencha/Sencha Architect 3.0/assets/touch23/"

Hope this helps, if not a little late :)


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