I need a object in client side, so I converted it to JSON using json.marshal and printed it into template. The object is getting printed as escaped JSON string.

I'm expecting it to be var arr=["o1","o2"] but it is var arr="[\"o1\",\"o2\"]"

I know I can JSON.parse in client side, but is that the only way?

Here is how I'm printing it in template:

{{ marshal .Arr }}

Here is my marshal function:

"marshal": func(v interface {}) string {
  a, _ := json.Marshal(v)
  return string(a)

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In JS context normal strings always gets escaped. I should have converted to template.JS type before printing.

Ref: http://golang.org/pkg/html/template/#JS

This is new marshal function:

"marshal": func(v interface {}) template.JS {
  a, _ := json.Marshal(v)
  return template.JS(a)
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    A little more understandable: encodedValue := json.Marshal(complexValue); replaceableValue := template.JS(encodedValue) Aug 6, 2016 at 15:48

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