I am using buildbot version 0.8.5 and need to send an HTTP post request from it as a step. After searching for it on internet, I found that the latest version 0.8.8 has a step called HTTPStep for doing so. Is there any similar step in the older version?

I know it can be done using batch file or python program using urllib2. but is there any other way to do it?


You should be able to use the HTTPStep from 0.8.8 (provided you install the necessary dependency (https://pypi.python.org/pypi/txrequests and http://python-requests.org/)). Just copy the http.py file from 0.8.8 next to your master.cfg, and have your master.cfg import the HTTPStep derived class POST from module http instead of buildbot.steps.http.

Some small adjustments might be needed to make it work with the API of 0.8.5 though.


Just my thoughts..As far as I know it is better to use a python script from a build step. Simple and easy to control. The logic being:

  1. the entire buildbot is inside one http connection/session and sending another http request somewhere might have issues with the connection/session.
  2. from the buildbot httpstep description, you need to install additional python packages which might be not be so convenient to do on multiple slaves/masters.

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