Can anybody explain me the ieee80211_local structure and its members?

The structure is defined in /net/mac80211/ieee80211_i.h of the Linux source code, somewhere near line no. 930, it may vary with different kernel versions.


According to a presentation by Daniel Camps Mur struct ieee80211_local "…contains information about the real hardware, and is created when the interface is first added."

In another set of slides by Johannes Berg it is stated that the struct "represents a wireless device." On the same slide, you can find a statement about the element ieee80211_hw "…is the part of ieee80211_local that is visible to drivers."

Interestingly, the struct is not mentioned in the 802.11 subsystems documentation by Johannes Berg.

Looking at a source code cross reference of the Linux kernel, you can see that the ieee80211_local struct is never used outside of the mac80211 part. Therefore, I think that it is indeed an internally used representation of a wireless device from mac80211's point of view. In contrast, you can see that the ieee80211_hw element is used in both mac80211 and various wireless device drivers which underlines that it is used to communicate between mac80211 and drivers.

BTW, the struct was introduced with the very first commit of ieee80211_i.h by Jiri Benc in 2007.

If you need to know more details about the struct and its members, it looks like you want to do some development at the mac80211 code. I would suggest to get in touch with the active developers. The Linux wireless mailing list may be a good starting point for that.

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